Monday, January 9, 2017

Audiobook: Rising Strong by Brene Brown

Monday morning in January in the Midwest. Armed with our new 3-month community center family pass, my oldest and I are heading out. He does the treadmill or uses weights. My plan is to walk the track and listen to this gem I got free through our library's audiobook program and the Axis360 app on my iPhone.

Writing isn't just writing. It's also about reading and reading and reading and finding your own voice and know what writing you like and what you don't like and figuring out how YOU want to write.

I have heard about Brene Brown forever but had never read any of her books. I don't really need a lot of help with daring greatly or rising strong, but figured I'd check out her stuff anyway. Lately I listen to this book while making a meal for my family or doing something where I only have a few minutes but I want to be learning instead of just hearing my own voice in my head.

Don't worry, I do have some time where I hear the voice in my head and listen to God.

So far what I have gotten from this book that speaks to me is something I already knew: if we are brave enough, often enough, we will fail. Yes, I've failed at many things. Then I was brave again and now feel like I'm a success at many things (marriage being a success; homeschooling being a work in progress; friendship being something I am still a bit afraid of for various reasons; my writing needs some bravery).

I'm hoping to get in a good half an hour a day listening to this book so I'll be back with the update.