Friday, June 3, 2016

Why Should You Get to Inbox Zero?

So last fall I wrote about Inbox Zero, the concept of always keeping your email inbox at ... well, ZERO!

I did it then it crept back up into the 500s with 200-something unread. I have used the same Yahoo address for a zillion years and don't want to change it now, but it's SLOOOOW. Something happens when I log in ... it just craaaaawwwwls. So going through email STINKS.

Anyway, this morning I was going through some stuff, digging through all 500+ looking for something I kind of remembered getting, but when?

It was a call for parenting articles for a specific month. WHERE IS IT?

I was spending too much time looking for it when I came upon one from A MONTH AGO asking for a specific article for June. It's June 3, now, people. They won't need it anymore.

Then I found one from April asking to use a specific article. It's for July so MAYBE I caught that one in time or maybe they moved on to another writer who knows how to respond in a timely manner.

I LOST MONEY by not having an organized and low-count email inbox.

I'm also getting ready to send email to a ton of editors to update my book on getting paid to write parenting articles and my email needs to be pristine.

I sign up for subscriptions I never read, so there is a waste of time, and we all know time could be turned into money if we weren't messing with our email all day long.

What are your struggles with email?

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