Saturday, October 31, 2015

Begging for my Article Payments is Ridiculous

When I get incredibly mad, I post on Facebook. I should not, but I do. Here's my recent one related to writing:

It's sad but true that I have to spend time chasing down payments from magazines. We are not talking about $1,000 articles here, people. We are talking about $35 article reprints that editors ASK FOR and then ignore invoices, emails, phone calls. It's disgusting. I can use that $35 to feed my children. You started a magazine and you need to pay your writers.‪#‎despicable‬

Several magazines owe me money currently. I'm not talking about they published my reprint for $35 in September and have not paid me yet. I'm talking they did it in January and have not paid me yet. Or last year. And they won't email or call me back. Maybe even worse is when they give you hope and finally might write you back when you get really angry and they say it's in the mail and it never comes. Who are these disgusting people?

I'm about to start naming names. I'm very close. I'm also going to contact their local Better Business Bureau and file a complaint. I'm not a customer, but an independent contractor they are not paying.

I feel like it's my duty to let fellow writers know what they are getting into. I have warned many in my close circle who write for the regional parenting magazines and some of them have had the same issues. It's about time to go bigger.

I wrote this book for writers to get published in such magazines and I've just been taking out the crappy ones that may have been in previous editions. For the 7th edition I think I'm going to make a chapter titled "Do Not Submit to These: They Do Not Pay."

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