Friday, October 9, 2015

Brilliant Business Moms Podcast: Inbox Zero Concept

So MAYBE this isn't EXACTLY about writing. But it does apply to BUSINESS, and if you are serious about making money from your writing then you have to treat it like any other business. Sorry to burst your creative, magical bubble here but you have to market yourself and keep track of income and file taxes and junk. For real.

So I found this podcast and dig it. The Etsy-related stuff isn't for me because I don't sell things like that but I do have a physical book that I try to sell. And I sell myself in the form of my writing and my articles and my blogs. And I sell makeup and nail wraps. And yet, this podcast also talks about writing voice and writing ebooks and writing cookbooks so it really is about everything. Anyway ...

I heard one podcast from these ladies about a book called Eat That Frog and so I put that on hold at the library because I'm currently broke coming off of vacation. Can't wait to up my productivity and stop getting distracted so easily.

The other podcast I dug was about Inbox Zero ... so I'm trying to get my inbox to ZERO. Who else struggles with this? It drives me nuts when I have so many emails but it's always that way. It's hard for me to concentrate on my work! So I'm attempting to get to ZERO every day and deal with subscriptions I never read or coupons I'll never use. I'm putting things on my to do list as they come in so I can then move them to a folder but they are still relevant.

Tonight I started with 442 new email and 2,105 total in my inbox.

After about 45 minutes I got to 197 new and 1,686 total.

Yes, I am sorting by sender to make it easier to lump things together and move them to folders.

I HIGHLY recommend this podcast and website for anyone who is business-minded. They cover so many different topics that there is something for everyone.

I'll keep you posted on my inbox zero situation. I'd love to see your inbox numbers!

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